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Musings of a Girl

enter the depths of my mind

Anna B
14 July
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Hallo! Anna here...hmmm mini-bio eh? well, I was born in a tiny "city" called...LAconia on July 14th 1985--- okay okay, I'll spare ya the details!

I enjoy gaming (I currently play 2 MMOs-- Ragnarok Online and World of Warcraft, and may be getting into a 3rd- Guild Wars)(oh yeah, and I am a regular DDR and D&D player), I love sleeping, eating, ya know, the usual. I am a big music geek (I attended school for 1.5 years as a music ed major, and possibly may go back to it)

Well, thats about it for now, I've run out of things to say (well...Im just too lazy to type right now, really, heheh). Feel free to IM me or drop in on my journal!
Marriage is love.

DDR is love.


Hyegun is WTFLOVE

Can't live without love <3

ro_ratings says I'm most like a Dancer!
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